Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Satyr's Thicket Episode 4- Doing it for Teh Lulz

I'm finally back with a new episode everyone! YAY! In this episode, I discuss why I think the lulz are important in life. Seriousness has it's place, but lulz I think are a tad bit more important as you will hear. I also mention something about Australia and Germany and how they both tie in to something that is very dear to my heart, very important to me. Of course there's the usual shout outs to the Crew of PCP and to Aiden Odinson, host of the Secrets In Plain Sight!


  1. hey man, i found your podcast through the forum over at pcp. i've only listened to the most recent ep, but i really like the stream-of-consciousness format so far.

    hope your classes are going well!


  2. Hey thanks, man! I'm still trying to think of something to talk about on my next episode, but I'll come up with something soon.

    My classes on the other hand are doing ok, but not great.


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