Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Technology and the Accessability of Information

Waaaaay back in the early 1980's nobody had ever really heard of the internet. People got their information from, t.v., radio, newspapers, books, and magazines, many of which were not available in certain areas. Once the internet was invented, there was an explosion of information as all these things began to collide and morph into one. My question now is this: Why, in the name of all that is holy, in the name of the series of tubes, does it seem that there are so many IDIOTS on the internet? There are people on the internet who ask questions and dont even bother to use a search engine to do their own research, and when they do, they take the information from the very first link to be fact. Read, people! READ! Use google, ask.com, yahoo, or any other reputable search engine to find the answers you seek and if you can't find online that which you seek, look elsewhere! Read books, magazines, and articles pertaining to the subject of your search. Look for people who may know! Do not be the idiot that does not bother to do the research!

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