Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Episode 2- Proactive and Prudent

In this episode I discuss the importance of research and action in the pagan community. I also discuss some books I like.

Something I wanted to add that I didn't say in the episode is that when talking with a stranger about religion, I don't have to worry about what they think AS MUCH as my family. I meant to clarify that.

Also I apologize for the terrible audio. Something happened with audacity and windows and I did the best I did to clean it up. It's passable but not great.


  1. It's technically hosted on archive.org, ourmedia.org is just a friendly front-end for everything (uploading and listening)

    BTW, you can just say Pagan Centered Podcast dot-com, much easier to say and it makes us sound legitimate or something :d

    Coming to the online Pagan Podcaster moot this coming Friday?

  2. Sorry didn't see this comment until after I recorded the third episode so again I said ourmedia instead of archive.org. oh well, now I know. And idk if I can make it to the moot. I'm going to try though.


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