Thursday, July 16, 2009

Episode 3- Connecting with Deity

In this episode I discuss the importance of connecting with Deity among other things.

Podcasts mentioned in this episode are The Secrets in Plain Sight and PCP: Pagan Centered Podcast

You can find this podcast and podcasts like it at the Proud Pagan Podcasters at


  1. Hey, I can't seem to find the link to your podcast. Could you post the link again? I have been trying to listen for some time now, and just have not had any luck finding you.

    I may just be missing the link somehow...


  2. the feed link should be in the right hand corner but here's the feed url just in case:

  3. Interesting premise. Keep it up!

    As a listener, I do get concerned that at some point your Mom is going to catch on to the fact that you're always in the laundry room or do you record the show while doing laundry? Anyway, so you know, I added your show to the listing of Pagan Podcast links on my show's website.


  4. You're off to a good start! I look forward to your future podcasts!

  5. Very Intresting show,

    I really like what you have here. Please keep it up. I am going to add your link to my own website.

    Drake Atlas

  6. Great podcast!!! I'm excited to know there are other Pagans in Huntington Beach, especially a son of Pan. I'm one of Pan's girls :)

    Keep it up - can't wait to listen to more!!


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